Sintrol Ukraine


We have been a pioneer in analytics throughout our history. We deliver from individual devices to turnkey analysing systems to make our clients’ production and activities more efficient. We have a vast range of gas and liquid analysing solutions to all major industries in our market. 

Gas Analyzers

Liquid Analyzers

Ecological Monitoring

Gas Analyzers Calibration

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Combustion Control

We have nearly 30 years of experience in the most functional combustion control solutions. A functional solution improves productivity, safety and the quality of our living environment. We provide our customers with comprehensive support. We deliver both individual pieces of equipment and entire systems based on a turnkey principle. Our equipment is used in power plants, bio combustion plants, soda recovery boilers, lime sludge reburning kilns and torches, among others.

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Dust Particulate Measurement

Sintrol dust monitors are based on a unique Inductive Electricity Technique. The measurement is based on particles interacting with an isolated sensor connected to the channel or stack. When particles move in the gas stream and pass nearby the sensor, they will create an induction based AC signal that can be seen in certain frequency bands. Since dust affects the signal only for certain frequencies, the frequencies unrelated to dust measurement can be then filtered out before signal processing.

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Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Inspection and quality control (NDT). We are the most experienced experts in NDT operations in Finland. Our clientele includes the largest and most significant companies in the metal industry, as well as testing institutions. Our extensive and longterm experience working with the world’s leading equipment suppliers and our knowledge of customer needs and demands ensure that we can comprehensively meet all our clients’ needs and expectations.

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Sampling of granular bulk material

We introduce units and complete systems for representative sampling of granular bulk material made by M&W Group. Representative sampling is required to make the right decision. Technical decision for process control as well as commercial decision for valuation of a batch of material. Our solutions are compatible with international and national sampling standards for materials like coal, ore, minerals, limestone, cement clinker, solid chemicals, solid biofuels and building materials. For complete systems we also provide auxiliary machinery, PLC-based control system and structure as required to support the machines.

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Signal Converters

We introduce Isolation Amplifiers and Transmitters made by Knick GmbH & Co. The isolation amplifiers provide safe galvanic isolation for any input signals to output signals. Universal transmitters for temperature, strain gauges and potentiometers in different housings, with SIL approval and board-range power supply.

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Technical Services

Our maintenance service offers highly developed technical skills and assistance for all equipment and systems delivered by Sintrol Oy. Our services cover the whole life cycle of the equipment and system. We offer start up and commissioning, maintenance, spare parts and full service maintenance contracts. Our professional skills are based on many years of experience and continuous training internally and by our principals.

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