Sintrol Products / Dust Monitors

Dust Particulate Measurement

Sintrol dust monitors are based on a unique Inductive Electricity Technique. The measurement is based on particles interacting with an isolated sensor connected to the channel or stack. When particles move in the gas stream and pass nearby the sensor, they will create an induction based AC signal that can be seen in certain frequency bands. Since dust affects the signal only for certain frequencies, the frequencies unrelated to dust measurement can be then filtered out before signal processing.

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Boiler Flow Control

The boiler flow control equipment consists of tailor made valve and flow measurement products, which are designed and optimized to comply with the customer's process values and requirements. The equipment is manufactured either in accordance with pressure equipment directive (PED) 97/23/EC Module-H or according to ASME norms. They also comply with quality and environment standards EN-ISO-9001 & 14001. 

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Technical Services

Our maintenance service offers highly developed technical skills and assistance for all equipment and systems delivered by Sintrol Oy. Our services cover the whole life cycle of the equipment and system. We offer start up and commissioning, maintenance, spare parts and full service maintenance contracts. Our professional skills are based on many years of experience and continuous training internally and by our principals.

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